Google Text-To-Speech Update Brings Three New Supported Languages

Google Text-to-Speech is an underlying app that your Android phone and apps on your phone leverages to read text on your screen.  It is mostly used for those who need to enable accessibility for vision challenges and is generally one of those “set it and forget it” type apps.

That doesn’t mean Google isn’t keeping things up to day with it however.  A new build, version 3.14.9 for those keeping score at home, is rolling out with support for three new languages.  Those new languages are Estonian, Romanian and Slovak, further expanding the global reach of the app.

In addition to the new languages, Google Text-to-Speech also has some bug and performance improvements.  What exactly was improved or changed was not disclosed in the release notes, a common practice by Google.

To configure the engine, go to Settings>Languages & Input>Text-to-speech output and select Google Text to Speech as your preferred engine.  Odds are that the app is already enabled on your device but you can make sure by going to this setting on your devices.  On this page, you can select the default language used by TTS which, with the additions of Estonian, Romanian and Slovak, is now well over 20 different language options.

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