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Google Text-To-Speech Update Brings Three New Supported Languages

Google Text-to-Speech is an underlying app that your Android phone and apps on your phone leverages to read text on your screen.  It is mostly used for those who need to enable accessibility for vision challenges and is generally one of those “set it and forget it” type apps.

That doesn’t mean Google isn’t keeping things up to day with it however.  A new build, version 3.14.9 for those keeping score at home, is rolling out with support for three new languages.  Those new languages are Estonian, Romanian and Slovak, further expanding the global reach of the app.

Google Text-to-Speech Engine Adds Filipino and Greek

Google Text-to-speech, the underlying engine for converting on screen text to speech has been updated.  Version 3.13.3 is now rolling out and with it comes support for Filipino and Greek languages.

Chances are that the majority of readers have never leveraged the TTS engine but it is a critical application for those with visual impairments who need the text on their device display’s read aloud to them.  Setting up of the engine is done in Settings>Accessibility and powers Google’s TalkBack feature built into Android.

Google Text-to-Speech Update Brings New Languages

Google Text-to-speech is not an app you probably do a lot of tweaking on but it is an important foundational app for Android.  The app essentially serves as an engine for other apps so they can read text on the screen aloud to you.  For example, if you are in Google Play Books and want the app to read aloud a book, this is the app that makes the magic happen.  Or Google Translate to translate text.  So when an update comes out for it, it is important to get it.  The latest update to Google Text-to-speech is rolling out now and it is version 3.11.12 for those keeping score at home.  It comes with several new tweaks for users as well as new languages.

First, let’s cover the languages.  In this update, support for Bangla (India, Czech, Khmer, Napali, Sinhala and Ukrainian have been added to the engine.  Along with this, Google has added intonation control over several more voices that are in the engine and have made general improvements on many of the voices in the app.  Google did not specifically call out which languages were impacted by these latter two.

Google Text to Speech Update Brings 4 New Languages

Google Text to Speech, the underlying TTS engine that powers many other apps on Android devices, has been updated today and coming with that update is support for four new languages.  You won’t find a Google Text to Speech app on your devices.  Rather, think of this as a service that runs in the background that other apps like Google Translate uses to translate text to spoken word or Google Play Books when you have the app read the book to you.  The update is build, wait for it, for those keeping score at home and is available now in the Google Play Store.

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