Minor Update to Chrome for Android Rolling Out Today

Just a couple of days after the initial Chrome 64-based release of Chrome for Android, there is a new minor update build that is rolling out to users today.  The new build is version 64.0.3282.123 for those keeping score at home.  It is essentially a bug fix release but there is one bug in particular that is called out in the release notes.

That particular bug has to do with Chrome for Android crashing when using the Autofill when using Android System WebView.  This new build should address that issue if you have encountered it with the previous build of the app.

There are also other bug fixes and improvements in this new build.  If you want to check out all the gory details, you can do so in the Chromium Git.  Reviewing the list, most of the bugs fixes are minor and there isn’t any new functionality beyond what was in the original build earlier this week.  That build included new tools to prevent auto-forwarding when links are accidentally clicked and improvements to the pop-up blocker.

You can expect to see this new build hit your account over the course of the next day or so.  It has been released in the Play Store at this point, it is just a matter of it filtering out to everyone.

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