Third Chrome 65 Build Hits the Chrome OS Dev Channel

For the third time this month, the Dev Channel for Chrome OS is receiving a Chrome 65 based build update.  The new update is build 65.0.3325.35 (Platform version: 10323.9.0) for those keeping score at home and is bug and stability update.  The channel was updated back on January 19 for the first build of Chrome 65 then followed up on January 24 with a second build.

As mentioned in previous posts about the Dev Channel, it is best to consider it the alpha build channel and it is by no means aimed to be run in production.  It is purely for developers and testers so they can begin working on updates to their apps & extensions to be compatible with the new build.  I do not recommend everyday users of Chrome OS to move to this channel unless you are into bug hunting and like having crash issues. 🙂

It is not uncommon for the Dev Channel to get one or two updates a month but three in a month is reasonably rare.  It is hard to interpret exactly what it means overall for the platform.  It could simply be there was a significant stability issues or the evolution of the build is progressing faster than expected.

It is likely that we will see this build – or a subsequent one – in the Beta Channel next month assuming that the overall stability is good enough that the Chromium team feels good about releasing it into that channel.

If you do have a device in the Dev Channel, you can force your device to get the update by typing chrome://help in the browser omnibar and check for an update.

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