Slack Activity Integration Comes to Google Drive

Google has announced a further integration of Google Drive and Slack where you will now be able to see Slack related activity on a file that has been shared on Drive.  The announcement indicates that the new activity feed works two ways:

Two types of actions are logged as events: someone sharing a file stored in Google Drive, and someone commenting—within Slack—on a Google Drive file that has been shared in Slack.

The good news is that these comments and activities are only available on files that have been shared on specific Slack teams or channels.

The integration builds on the basic integration where you can see general Slack activity within Drive.  This takes it a step further and makes it more germane to the channels and teams that are actually sharing the Drive content.

Slack Activity in Google Drive

Slack Activity in Google Drive

The rollout is happening now and will take up to 15 days for everyone to see it.  In order for this to work, you will need to make sure you have Google Drive integration installed on Slack.

If you or your organization are not using Slack, you can sign up for a free account on their site.  A free account is pretty limited but if you have a small team, it works great.

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