Chrome OS Meltdown List Shows When Auto Updates Will End for Your Chromebook

With all of the concerns floating about around Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities in Intel processors, Google has been reasonably proactive in letting know users know if their Chromebook or Chromebox is going to be protected.  In that same list, there was another useful bit of information that may have been overlooked:  When devices will stop receiving automatic updates to the next version of Chrome OS.

The column in question can be found on the Meltdown vulnerability list and is marked Auto update ends (*=official).  There you will find the date for everyone Chromebook, Chromebase, Chromebox and Chromebit out there on when it will officially stop getting automatic updates.

For example, if you have the HP Chromebook 14 (falco), your support is ending this year on November 29, 2018.  Have the new Google Pixelbook?  Eve, as it is known by its product name, will get updates until April 30, 2024, a little over six years from now.  If your Chromebook on the list indicates EoL, then you are likely not getting updates anymore.  EoL is End of Life and the device is no longer supported.

That said, that doesn’t mean you may not get an update after your device hits EoL.  It is unlikely but it could happen.

If you haven’t bookmarked the page yet, I’d encourage you to do so.  It can be a handy reference not only for Meltdown but for when you need to proactively start looking for your next Chromebook.

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