Android Oreo for The HTC 10 on Sprint Rolling Out Today

HTC Vice President of Product Management, Mo Versi, has once again taken to Twitter to announced a new update for one of the company’s phones.  This time it is for the HTC 10 for customers of Sprint here in the United States.

The release of Oreo on the Sprint variant of the HTC 10 comes literally a month to the day after the build was released for the unlocked variant of the 2016 flagship phone.  That update just over 1.5GB in size so those of you who have the 10 on Sprint, you can expect a similarly sized update for your phone.

For their part, Sprint has not updated their support pages for the update but that’s not totally uncommon.  The update brings all the goodness of Android Oreo to the 10 along with the latest Android Security Update patch.

HTC has done a pretty good job when compared to other manufactures on getting Oreo updates out to their devices.  They are also one of the better ones at getting the monthly security patches out too.  That said, Oreo is almost assured to the be last major update for the HTC 10.  The phone was released in 2016 and HTC, like other manufactures, only release major updates for a couple of years for a phone.  That said, the 10 is still a solid phone and Oreo will breathe a bit of new life into it.

If you are on Sprint, you can check for the update on your phone in the Settings.  It will likely be rolled out in phases by the carrier so don’t be surprised if it takes a few days to get to your phone.

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