Google Calendar App Update Finally Brings Event Duplication

It has taken seemingly forever but a new update to the Google Calendar app for Android finally, finally lets you duplicate events in one calendar and copy events between calendars.  The updated build of the app is version 5.8.18 for those keeping score at home.  It was released late last week but it is just now rolling out to everyone.

The update to Google Calendar brings two big improvements.  First, you can now duplicate an event on your calendar.  Now, instead of having to create it completely from scratch, you can duplicate a current event on your calendar and use it as a template of sorts.

Second, you can now copy events between two calendars in the app.  So, for example, you could move your travel information from your primary calendar to your family calendar so your family knows when you are on your next business trip.  Previously, you can to create a new event in the family calendar in my example or you had to go to the online version of Calendar to copy or move the event.

Duplicate Events in Google Calendar for Android

Duplicate Events in Google Calendar for Android

Unfortunately the ability to move an event between calendars is not in the Android version of Google Calendar yet but at least you can copy it now and delete the original.  Hopefully we will see the ability to move events between calendars soon.

The update is rolling out now in the Play Store and the OTA update should be to you at some point this week.  If you absolutely can’t wait to get this new feature, you can download the APK at APKMirror and side load it.

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