Google at Mobile World Congress: Android Oreo Go Edition, Android One and More

Mobile World Congress, or MWC, kicks off next week in Barcelona, Spain and even though there won’t be as many phone announcements, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be an exciting show.  For their part, Google is going to be going strong at the event with a lot of announcements and products on display.

The company updated their blog earlier today outlining their plans for MWC which includes the first set of Android Oreo Go Edition phones.  By now you are likely familiar with the Android Go apps that are available like Gmail Go, YouTube Go, Maps Go and other.  These lightweight apps are aimed to work on low cost, low memory devices.  We will get our first glimpse of them next week.

The Mountain View company is also going to be giving an update on the Android One initiative at Mobile World Congress.  That, based on the blog post, seems to point to a raft of new devices being offered up by Android partners.  For those that aren’t familiar with Android One, it is “a program aimed at providing people with three key things: faster access to the latest Android OS updates and Google innovations, regular security updates, and an easy-to-use software design that’s intuitive and streamlined.” Essentially it gives the benefits of Android in a lower cost device than a flagship device.

The blog post also hints at some announcements around RCS and you can almost bet that there will be discussions around Google Assistant at MWC from Google.

Don’t expect any new Google hardware at the show outside of perhaps a Go Edition phone but do expect to hear a lot of news about Android’s advancements.


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