Google Phone App Update Brings Voicemail Transcription to T-Mobile Subscribers

The Google Phone app has a new update rolling out that brings voicemail transcription to T-Mobile subscribers.  The update to the app is version 17.0.186697879 for those keeping score at home and it brings those who use T-Mobile on par with Verizon and Project Fi customers who use the app.

Like with the other carriers, when you get a voicemail on your T-Mobile number, you will not get an artificial intelligence created transcription of that voicemail, allowing to quickly read it instead of having to listen to it.

This update is the realization of an update that happened to the Google Phone app a few months ago.  A teardown of the app showed that voicemail transcription code was put into the app and it was assumed that, at some point, it would be enabled.

Aside from this new feature, there is also support for cyrillic in smart search (T9 dialing) in this update as well as the normal array of bug fixes and performance improvements.

The update to the app is rolling out to the Play Store now so if you have it installed, you should see the OTA for it hit your phone over the course of the next few days.

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