Mario Kart Tour to Come to Mobile Devices Sometime This Year

With virtually nothing other than the name revealed, Nintendo has Tweeted that a new Mario Kart game is heading to mobile devices sometime this year.  Mario Kart Tour will be the name of the mobile centric game and it can only be assumed that, like Super Mario Run, it will be a unique, mobile twist on a classic game.

Obviously, a 13 month window to get an app out is a huge window but clearly Nintendo was wanting to keep expectations low on timing of the release, citing their financial year end of March 2019.

Nintendo resisted the mobile game market for a long time but finally conceded with the release of Super Mario Run in 2017.  The game had good success with a free demo level and a cost of $9.99 to unlock the full game.  What the pricing structure will look like for this new Mario Kart game is unknown but it will likely follow the same plan.

The best thing you can do is follow Nintendo America on Twitter to keep updated on the game and any announcements around dates.

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