Second Chrome 65 Based Beta Build of Chrome for Android Released

A second Chrome 65 based build of Chrome for Android has been released to beta testers in the Play Store.  The new build is 65.0.3325.74 for those keeping score at home.  This new build comes just over a week after the first Chrome 65 beta was released for Android.

Generally Chrome 65 across all platforms is an evolutionary update with focused efforts on code clean up, stopping rogue code execution and general performance improvements.   As for Chrome for Android, this update does contain some improvements around syncing of content.  For those who want to deep dive into the code changes, here is a partial log of what’s changed.

With this release into the Android beta channel, Chrome 65 is now in all of the beta channels across mobile, desktop and Chrome OS.  That is a strong indicator that we will likely see it come to the stable channel across all platforms at the end of this month.  That isn’t confirmed by Google of course as they never give release dates, but historical tracking suggests that is likely to be the case.

Unlike other beta programs in the Play Store, there is no sign up to get the Chrome beta for Android.  You can download it here and install it on your compatible devices.  Like all beta software however, its not recommended to run it as your daily browser or deploy it into production as there are likely still bugs to be found and there could be performance issues.


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