Google Clips Update Brings HiRes Still Photos Capture

The Google Clips app has a new update rolling out that brings a couple of new features to the AI-powered gamera.  The new app build is version 1.4.189410803 for those keeping score at home and brings a couple of new features to the device.

In addition to this new app update, there is a new firmware update for your camera itself which will enable these new features.  You can update the Clips firmware from the app itself after you perform the app update.

First, you can now get high resolution still photos from manual captures using Clips.  When you press the shutter button either in the Live Preview in the app or the physical button on your camera, you will get a HiRes image along with the normal clip that you already get with the camera.

Second, you now have a new pinch-to-zoom feature within the app.  If you tap the Edit button on any clip, you can pinch to zoom.  Once you have zoomed in to what you want in the photo, you can save it and then sync it with your Google Photos account.

Google Clips has been available about a month now and is a great way to capture candid kids activities, family events or pets.  The camera has self-contained AI so it smartly figures out what to capture and when.  The more you use it, the better it gets at it.  You can read my review here.

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