Google Clips Now Available to Waitlist, Won’t Ship Until March

Google Clips

Back in October at the Pixel event, Google announced the self contained, AI-driven stand alone camera, the Google Clips.  With a 130° viewing angle, and 16GB of storage, the idea behind the camera was to set it up and let it capture random events with children, pets and in home events.  The device has Google’s AI built into it so it can recognize faces and and does all of the thinking for you on when to capture and what.

Clips is very centric on protection of your data and privacy.  Everything is on the device, including the AI, so nothing goes out until you share it.

Last week Google Clips passed through the FCC approval process, which was an early indicator that it would be available soon.  That happened on Friday, with pre-orders available up until mid-day on Saturday.  Then it moved to the current waitlist state where it is likely going to remain for a while.

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