Google Duo Adds Video Messaging Feature

Google has brought a new feature to their consumer video calling app, Google Duo.  The new feature is video messaging.  Now when you call someone using the app and they do not answer (or declines your call), you can leave up to a 30 second video message for them.  You can also leave them a voice only message if you prefer.

If you receive a video message in Google Duo, all you need to do is tap their avatar in the app.  The message will then be played and you can tap the Call Now button to call them back.

Video messages left on Duo will disappear within a day of being viewed but, if you wanted to keep the message, you can save them locally to your phone.  You could then sync the Duo folder on your phone with Google Photos to sync it with your Photos library.

Duo Video Messaging

Duo Video Messaging


The new feature is rolling out now and if you have the latest version of the Duo app on your phone, you should already have the feature enabled.  This is a cloud-side change.

If you haven’t tried Google Duo, it is a free app in the Play Store and there is also an iOS version of the app for friends and family who use an iPhone.

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