Google Jamboard Created Files Now Show Up in Google Drive

Google Jamboard, the whiteboard sharing and collaboration tool, has a new feature rolling out that will be handy for G Suite users who have the device.  You will now be able to see your Jamboard created files in your Google Drive, making it easier to review and to share those files with others.

While the rollout of this new feature will take a few days, once you have it, you will be able to do three key functions within Google Drive with Jamboard files:

  • Share jam files directly from Drive.
  • Open jam files from Drive in the Jamboard web and mobile applications.
  • Search for jam files in Drive (by entering “type:jam” in the Drive search bar).

Previously, if you wanted to share something from Google Jamboard, you had to actually be at the device itself.  This makes it far easier and faster to be able to share files that you have created with others.

Jamboard Files in Google Drive

Jamboard Files in Google Drive

Since Jamboard is a G Suite core product, this update will be rolling out to all Jamboard users no matter the level of your G Suite domain.

The 55″ 4K monitor based Jamboard comes with a stylus for interactions (it’s passive so no pairing required) and can even distinguish between the stylus and your finger.  Think of drawing with the stylus and erasing with a finger.  It is available for $4999 in three colors and has a rolling stand available for an additional $1349.  You can check out ordering details here.

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