Google Phone App Update Moves Sound Settings to System Settings

The Google Phone app for Nexus and Pixel devices has a minor update rolling out today that streamlines the sound settings of the app.  Version 18.0.187698947 is the new build for those keeping score at home and on the surface, you won’t find anything new.

The only note of change is the Sound & vibration settings found in Settings.  In previous builds, this was located directly within the app so settings were somewhat independent of the system sounds.  That has changed in this build.  Now when you tap the sound settings, you are sent to the System sound settings, providing a bit more control but also a simplified experience.

By doing this, the Google Phone app now depends on the default System sound settings which should avoid any conflicting settings between the app itself and the system settings.  To be fair, that was a little tough to do anyway but this eliminates any chance of that happening.  Further, from a developer perspective, this simplifies the app from a code perspective which is always a good thing.

Google Phone v18 Sound Settings Page

Google Phone v18 Sound Settings Page

The update has been released into the Play Store but as always, it could be several days before everyone sees it come to their phone via an OTA update.

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