Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 Updates to Oreo 8.1 Starting to Roll Out

HMD Global, the company that owns Nokia, has begun slow rolling the Android Oreo 8.1 update out to the Nokia 5 and Nokia 6.  Starting in India and Indonesia, the update to 8.1 is expected to make its way to all global markets in the coming days.

For both devices, the update is just under 1GB in size and brings with it the March Android Security Update to both phones.  If you don’t recall what all comes in Oreo 8.1, you can get a debrief here.

Along with the improvements that come with 8.1, the Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 will also get other new features from HMD themselves.  These include:

  • Battery Saving Navigation Buttons
  • Revamped Power Menu
  • New Settings Menu
  • Bluetooth Battery Percentage

Here in the United States, the Nokia 5 was never released officially although the Nokia 6 is readily available on Amazon.  The question will be when the US-based devices will get the 8.1 treatment and that is not clear right now.  It likely will be a few weeks as these types of updates tend to slow roll not just from HMD but from other manufactures too.  If you have a 6, certainly check for the update in the device settings, but don’t be surprised if you don’t see it for a bit.

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