T-Mobile Rolls Out Camera Stability Update to the Samsung Galaxy S9

For those of you who are starting to receive your pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ from T-Mobile, you already have a new update rolling out to your shiny new toy.  The update, which is just over 250MB in size, brings stability improvements to the camera as well as the face unlock feature of the phones.

Users are reporting that they are getting the update within a couple of hours of activating their phone on T-Mobile so it appears that the US carrier had the update ready to roll out as soon as the phones started getting into customer’s hands.

Beyond these stability improvements, there is nothing new or changed in the firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S9.  The Android Security Update patch remains at the February 2018 level and no other features are added.

If you have received your S9 from T-Mobile, be sure to check for the update.  It should be readily available to everyone considering the small number of devices actually out there right now.  That will ramp up of course as more people start receiving their shipments from T-Mobile.

If you have received your S9 on T-Mobile, do drop a comment to let me know if you received this update patch for the phone and how long it took to get it.

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