Third Chrome 66 Beta Build Arrives for Chrome for Android

A third Chrome 66 update to the Chrome for Android beta app has arrived in the Google Play Store.  The new build of the app is 66.0.3359.67 and it arrives just shy of a week after the 2nd beta last week and is the third update in as many weeks to the beta app.

As a reminder, with the Chrome Beta app is a seperate app in the Play Store which you can download without having to join a formal beta program.  You can use it along side your stable version of Chrome on your phone with no problem.

The Chromium team has released a partial change log in the Git for the build and reviewing, there aren’t a lot of changes.  Most of the efforts are focusing on fixing security issues or other bugs that are still in the beta but, given the small size of the change log, it looks like it is more-or-less mop up work at this point.

As highlighted last week, there is a new flag in this build that allows you to enable a more modern, Material Design look to Chrome’s home page which, likely, will be the default look when this build finally makes it to the stable channel.

Chrome 66 is expected to be released on or around April 17th for Android and the desktop versions of the browser.

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