Update to Microsoft Outlook for Android Brings Calendar Attachment Support

A new update to the Microsoft Outlook app is rolling out for Android (and iOS) users that brings a long requested feature to the app.  The new build is version 2.2.118 for those keeping score at home and when you update to it, you will finally have calendar attachment support.

The feature brings the mobile version of Microsoft Outlook more in line with the desktop versions in that you will be able to attach items to a calendar invite and be able to read attached content inline on invites sent to you.

This feature has been one of the most request features for Outlook so it is good to see Microsoft finally getting it rolled out to the app.

Aside from this new feature, there are the normal bug fixes and stability improvements in the app that Microsoft tends to do with all of their apps every few weeks.  So even if you don’t need the calendar attachment feature, the update is still worth picking up.

The update should be rolling out to everyone now as the update is live in the Google Play Store.  Worst case, it will be on your device over the course of the next day or two if you haven’t picked it up yet.

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