G Suite Improves User Management in Revamped Admin Tool

Google is in the process of rolling out a revamped Admin tool for G Suite administrators that makes it much easier to manage users on their domain.  The new look, which will take up to 15 days to roll out to all domains, makes it easier to see what settings a user has enabled and what features are available to them should the admin grant the privileges.

To this point, finding a particular setting of a user in G Suite hasn’t been overly difficult but it involved multiple clicks and diving into different menus.  This new card style look brings current settings front-and-center and makes it easy to determine what settings or features are available to that particular users without all of the clicking about.

Depending on the user and depending on the administrators rights, they will be able to see cards for users to adjust the following key items:

  • User information. View and edit the user’s contact information and see custom attributes.
  • Security. Control the user’s security settings, like 2-step verification and security keys.
  • Groups. See the user’s group memberships and roles, and manage their roles in those groups.
  • Admin roles and privileges. See and change admin controls granted to the user.
  • Apps. View apps the user has installed on a managed device.
  • Managed devices. View and manage the devices associated with the user.
  • Licenses. See licenses granted to the user and control individual user licenses. See more below.
  • Team Drives. See the user’s Team Drives memberships and manage Team Drive settings.
Google Admin Card View

Google Admin Card View

There is also a new license card that is available which will give admins a glance at the licenses within their organization.  These include:

  • Improved license states to provide a better understanding of a user’s license assignment.
  • Separate view mode and edit modes to aid decision making for license management.
  • Improved error handling and messaging to help admins.

These new features will be rolling out to all G Suite domains over the next two weeks.

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