Microsoft OneDrive for Android Gains Ability to Recover Deleted Files

The Microsoft OneDrive app for Android has been updated with an important and handy new feature that allows you to recover deleted files on the cloud storage service.  Version 5.7 of the OneDrive app is now rolling out in the Play Store which is where this new feature appears.

To this point, you have been able to delete files in OneDrive with no problem from your Android phone.  But, if you accidentally deleted a file and need to recover it, you couldn’t.  You had to go to the OneDrive site and go to the Trash folder to recover it.  Now you can do it all from your phone, making it quicker to recover that accidentally deleted file.

You’ll know that you have the update when you look at your folder listing in the OneDrive app and see a Recycle Bin icon at the bottom of the listing.  That will open up your trash folder and you can select a file and recover it.

The Microsoft OneDrive app for iOS has had this functionality for a few weeks now so the Microsoft team is bringing parity of features across both platforms.

This new 5.7 update also brings improved notification support in Android Oreo, something that the app has been improving over the course of the past few updates, as well as some battery optimizations.

As readers likely know, OneDrive is a free service for up to 5GB of cloud storage.  The app is a free download in the Play Store.

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