Chrome 67 Based Chrome for Android Released to The Play Store

Following the release of the Chrome 67 update for desktops, the Chrome for Android update has now too been updated to the latest build of Chrome.  Build 67.0.3396.68 was released earlier today and it will take a few days for everyone’s Play Store account to be updated so it can be downloaded.

The update brings a lot of security fixes and overall improvements to the browser along with a new generic sensor API which adds gyroscope support for augmented reality as well as the new Credentials Management API.  Of course, on the desktop version, the bigger news was the full fledged support of Progressive Web Apps in Chrome.

On the surface, you won’t find a lot of changes in this update to Chrome for Android as most of the work is behind the scenes.  But overall, those changes should continue to bring a smoother and more stable experience.

With the update to the Android browser, the only part of the Chrome experience that remains to be updated to Chrome 67 is Chrome OS.  That isn’t slated to be released until next week, on June 5th.  That follows the normal pattern for Chrome releases so not a lot of surprises from that perspective.

Again, it make take a few days or even a week for you to get the latest build in your account on the Play Store.  Just check for the update or if you have auto-updates enabled, you’ll get a notification.

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