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In Case You Missed It – Spotify Progressive Web App is Available

Just in case you missed it, fundamentally because I certainly did, Spotify has released their Progressive Web App in Chrome and it is pretty darn good.  Like other PWAs, you install it from the menu in Chrome 67 or later while on the Spotify web player page.  This will install the app on your laptop so you can quickly access it with a single click.

For those of you who may not know what a Progressive Web App is exactly, it is a web page in an app-like experience.  The idea being that you can install it instead of a full fledged app to and get that experience.  Chrome 67 introduced support for Progressive Web Apps and you can install them in Chrome OS and other platforms.

Third Chrome 67 Based Build Lands in the Chrome OS Stable Channel

A third Chrome 67 update has come to the Chrome OS Stable Channel today, bringing further security fixes to the platform as well as a clarification on a security patch.  The update is build 67.0.3396.99 or 67.0.3396.101 (Platform version: 10575.58.0) depending on your device.  It comes two weeks after the second update was released back on June 13.

If your Chromebook is in the Stable Channel, you can check for the update by typing chrome://help in the browser bar and then clicking the Check for update button next to your current build information.  The release of this update happened last yesterday so it could still take a while for everyone to see the update as being available.

How To Enable The New Look Wallpaper Picker in Chrome OS

If you are running Chrome 67 on your Chromebook, there is now a flag available to you that will allow you to enable the still under construction new wallpaper picker.  The new picker replaces the old style picker which has been in the platform since, well, forever.  It brings a refreshed, Material Design look to the picker and eventually will marry up with the backdrop wallpaper changer that is found in Chromecast.

That’s where the under construction part comes into the equation.  Right now there is a commit in the Chrome OS Gerrit that points to a new wallpaper that is enabled by default and that it will marry up with Chromecast.  The idea is that your Chromecast and your Chromebook will have the same look and feel and will be drawing from the same service in the background to give you your wallpaper options.

Second Chrome 67 Build Released for The Chrome OS Stable Channel

A second Chrome 67 based build for the Chrome OS Stable Channel has been released for most devices today.  The new build is 67.0.3396.87 (Platform version: 10575.55.0) and follows up the initial release of Chrome 67 last week.

As a general rule, the Chromium team releases a build then follows it quickly with a second build that goes out to the majority of devices, especially those capable of running Android apps.  This appears to be the case once again.

Chrome for Android Update Brings Fix for an Autofill Bug

A new update to the Chrome for Android app is now rolling out in the Play Store.  The update is build 67.0.3396.87 and is the second Chrome 67 based build of the mobile browser.  The first build was released late last month and with that release, a bug was introduced that impacted the use of the Autofill feature of the browser.  This update fixes that bug.

The update has been released to the Play Store so you should see the update land on your phone over the course of the next few days if it hasn’t already.

Chrome 67 Lands in The Chrome OS Stable Channel

Just a day after a surprising sixth beta build of Chrome 67 was released for the Chrome OS Beta Channel, the latest version of the platform has now been promoted to the Chrome OS Stable Channel.  The build, 67.0.3396.78 (Platform version: 10575.54.0), is the exact same build that was the final beta yesterday.

The update brings a laundry list of improvements, features and fixes to the platform which I’ve listed after the break.  Some of these features, like Progressive Web App support, is a mirror of what is available on the desktop browsers for Windows and MacOS.

Sixth Chrome 67 Build Lands in The Chrome OS Beta Channel

An unexpected sixth beta build of Chrome 67 has been released to the Chrome OS Beta Channel today, indicating that the Chromium team within Google are still sorting out a few last minute bugs.  The new build is 67.0.3396.78 (Platform version: 10575.54.0) and should be available to devices that are in the beta channel.  You can check for it by typing chrome://help in the browser bar and checking for the update.

The build likely contains a fix for a bug found in the Chrome 67 version of the browser, which has already been released and was patched yesterday.  The bug found was a significant security flaw.  It is probable that the Chrome OS team wants to make sure it is stable in the platform prior to releasing to the Stable Channel.  Chrome 67 was expected to go to the Stable Channel on June 5th which clearly hasn’t happened yet.

Google Photos Progressive Web App Now Available for Chrome 67 Users

Google Photos is the latest Google service to receive a Progressive Web App treatment.  With the release of Chrome 67, you can now install Photos onto your Windows, MacOS or Linux computer and have an app-like experience in a web page.

For those that are new to Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, they are web-based versions of an app but they act like a full fledge version of that app.  The idea is to get a touch friendly app experience without having to actually install anything.

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