G Suite Mobile Device Management Can Now Manage App Configurations

G Suite has a new feature rolling out to the service’s Mobile Device Management functionality that allows for admins to configure specific Android apps on devices.  The feature gives admins the ability to pre-configure the apps that are available for Android devices in their domain.  Once that app is download, it is configured and ready to go for the end user.

The feature should cut down on configuration errors by end users.  Consider the example of a VPN where users are having to typing often lengthy and odd-for-them configuration information.  In this scenario, under this new feature, that could be configured before the user installs the app and be ready for them to use it almost instantly after it is installed.

This new feature is located at Device Management > App Management > Manage Applications for Android Devices > Whitelisted Android Apps and then select App Distribution and Configuration for the app you are wanting to configure.  You can then setup the configuration and you can manage the configurations you have available for that Organizational Unit (OU) or group.

G Suite App Configuration Management

G Suite App Configuration Management

This new feature is available to G Suite Business, Enterprise, and Enterprise for Education and Cloud Identity Premium editions only and will only be for those who are using Advanced Mobile Device Management in your domain.  Expect it to roll out to everyone over the course of the next couple of weeks.

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