Google Calendar Update To Allow for Messages in Updated Calendar Invites

A new and handy new feature is rolling out to Google Calendar on the web that allows you to add messages to updated calendar invites.  Currently, when you updated an invite in Calendar, it sends the updated information (date, time, etc) but it does not include the ability to add a message for why the meeting was moved or the updated content of the meeting.

This new feature will be rolling out to all G Suite customers as well as consumers and while the focus is on the web portion, the ability to add notes to an updated invite is also available in the Android version of Google Calendar.

The ability to add these messages to invites brings Calendar more in line with other calendaring apps like Outlook from Microsoft as an example.  It is a basic feature and one that will certainly make things easier when having to make changes to invites without having to cancel then recreate them just to update a note.

Within Calendar on the web, when editing an invite, next to the invite list there is now a section for adding a note to it.  Once you add your message and send it, recipients will see the note as part of the updated invite.  If you look at the Google provided screenshot below, you see the new message highlighted in green.

Google Calendar Updated Invite with Notes

Google Calendar Updated Invite with Notes

Google appears to be fast tracking this change with a full roll out expected over the course of the next three days.

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