Google Pay Adds a Massive 171 Financial Institutions to The Roster

A colleague of mine always starts detailed emails with “BLUF” – Bottom Line Up Front.  So here is your BLUF:  If your bank doesn’t support Google Pay at this point, it is probably time to look for a new bank.  Up until yesterday, in 2018 alone, the tap-to-pay service had added 141 new banks:  80 in January and another 61 in March.  They just doubled the number by adding an scarcely believable 171 financial institutions yesterday.

The additional financial institutions brings the total number of those supporting Google Pay to 1,364 across the United States.

While Google Pay still has a long way to go to get to all the banks and credit unions in the United States (there are an 11,652 in total according to Plaid), Google’s solution is clearly the top contender out there when it comes to device initiated payments.  Apple Pay, which tends to garner the most attention in the market, has less than 200 banks supporting that service.

If you are curious about the full list of banks & credit unions supported, you can find that on Google’s support site for Pay.   That page also lists all of the supported credit card companies too like Citi, Capital One, and American Express.

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