PUBG Mobile Now Supported on Chromebooks – Kinda

If you are a PUBG Mobile player and have a high end Chromebook, today is a good day.  The latest update to the mobile version of PUBG for Android can now run on a Chromebook but there are a few catches that you need to be aware of before getting overly excited.  The cool thing is that it is there.

First, make no mistake:  You need a high end Chromebook for this to work.  The game defaults into low graphics mode even on my i5 Intel Pixelbook and while it looks great, it still isn’t a sweet looking as it is on my Pixel XL phone.  ARM-based Chromebooks are going to struggle mightily with the game.  If you load it up on an ARM model, be prepared for a fair amount of lag.

Second, and equally as important, you really need a touchscreen device to play PUBG Mobile.  Remember that it is the mobile version of the game so the assumption, rightfully so, is that you are using touch controls to move your character and complete actions. Coupled with this is rather weird behavior from the gyroscopes.

PUBG Mobile on a Google Pixelbook

PUBG Mobile on a Google Pixelbook

So the bottom line:  It’ll play but not all that brilliantly on a Chromebook.  I suspect over time that PUBG will get better as the developers are able to tweak things a bit more and the performance of Chromebooks increase.  But I gotta say, it is a lot of fun playing on the big screen of my Pixelbook!

Give it a try and see what you think.  Just install the game from the Play Store on your Chromebook.


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