Second Chrome 67 Beta Lands for Chrome for Android Beta

A second Chrome 67 based build has arrived in the Chrome for Android Beta app.  The app update, which is now live in the Google Play Store, is build 67.0.3396.42.  Unlike other beta builds of apps in the Play Store, you don’t have to join a beta program to try it out on your phone.  Just download it here and you can run it at the same time that you run the stable version on your device.

To a large extent, Chrome 67 is a bit of a maintenance release with not a lot of new features expected.  The only real notable change is the Home button near the omni bar at the top of the display.

Otherwise, most of the changes in this build of the Chrome for Android Beta app are under-the-hood with API and performance changes.

As for when we will see this build make it to the stable channel for Android, that should be on or around May 29th.  We likely will have one or two more beta build prior to that release date.


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