G Suite Admins Informed of New Gmail Rollout Timeline

Google has notified G Suite domain admins of when the new Gmail experience will begin rolling out when it goes to General Availability (GA) next month.  Currently, for G Suite, the new Gmail experience is in the Early Adopters Program and organizations can chose to participate in the program – or not.  This is the same for consumer too, but that will be changing when the experience goes GA in July.

Once the new experience goes GA, admins will have the option to switch everyone over immediately, allow users to switch themselves, or have users wait four weeks before they are opted into the new experience.  The latter of these will be the default behavior.

For approximately 12 weeks after the GA of the new Gmail experience, the option to opt-out of the new experience will go away and everyone will have to move to it.  This will be true even if Admins decide to move everyone to the new experience immediately.

For consumers not in a G Suite domain, the big date is the 12 weeks from July date.  That’s when you will have to move to the new experience, like it or not.

There will also be new controls for Admins when it comes to Gmail’s offline email feature and for the upcoming confidential mode.

If you are an Admin, be sure to check out the post announcing the roll out plan so you can be prepared for it come July.


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