Google Express Expands With Four New Retailers

The shopping app Google Express continues it growth with the addition of four new retailers as shopping options.  Epic Sports, Murad, Nothing Like This, and RWGC are now all live in the app and on the Express website and with the promotion code DAD20, you can save on your first order from these and any of the other retailers (up to $20 off).

For those who aren’t familiar with Google Express, it is a shopping app that allows you to order from a wide range of retailers and have your purchases delivered to your door.  There are 56 different retailers as part of Express with everything from sporting goods to cosmetics to home furnishings.

Last year Google eliminated the need for a membership to use the service so it is free for everyone to use without a subscription.  Further, the vast majority of retailers will provide free shipping over a certain purchase amount.

As for the new retailers, Epic Sports is sporting goods related while Murad is cosmetics and beauty supplies.  Nothing Like This sells Google Home and Amazon Alexa mounts while RWGC sells just about everything.

Be sure to check them out and if you haven’t checked out Express and tried it, give it a go.  I’ve found it to be reliable and a solid buying option.

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