Latest Update to Google Keep Allows for Subtasks

The latest update to Google Keep is rolling out and with it comes a long needed and desired feature:  Indented lists.  By allowing for indention of lists, you can create subtasks and sublists in your main Keep notes, something that makes organization far easier if you are a heavy user of the app.

The new feature is very simple to use.  Simply create your list of items, with or without checkboxes, then drag the item to the right to create the indent.

While the feature still isn’t perfect, is a big step forward for the app.  This is especially true if you use it for note taking and not necessarily task items (Google Tasks somewhat overshadows Keep now for that use case).

Google Keep for Android

Google Keep for Android with Indented Task Item

One thing that isn’t there is easier keyboard usage on the web.  You still have to click-and-drag to make the indention instead of, for example, being able to use the Tab key to move it over.  Dragging makes sense on mobile but not so much on the web.

Despite that limitation, this is still a welcome update to Google Keep that will allow you to organize your tasks or lists a little bit easier.  The app update is in the Play Store now and already functional on the web.

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