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Google Keep Update Brings Grid Support for Drawings

Google Keep, Google’s note taking and checklist app, has a new update rolling out in the Play Store today.  Version is the updated build for those keeping score at home and it brings support for grid and ruled lines for drawings.

Keep has always supported drawing but grid lines to help you keep lines straight and the like wasn’t there.  It was added a few weeks back to the online version of the note taking app and now has made it to the mobile version too.

Latest Update to Google Keep Allows for Subtasks

The latest update to Google Keep is rolling out and with it comes a long needed and desired feature:  Indented lists.  By allowing for indention of lists, you can create subtasks and sublists in your main Keep notes, something that makes organization far easier if you are a heavy user of the app.

The new feature is very simple to use.  Simply create your list of items, with or without checkboxes, then drag the item to the right to create the indent.

Google Keep Update for Android Brings Undo & Redo Controls

Google Keep, the lightweight, cloud-based note taking app, has an update rolling out for Android users.  Version 3.4.803.02 doesn’t bring a massive amount of changes but it does bring the ability to undo & redo text editing controls to the app.  Now when you are editing a note and adding text, you have the ability to more quickly edit your notes with this new feature.

The feature is only available when you are editing a note and if you change notes or close and reopen the same note, the cache for being able to undo/redo is emptied so it won’t be available.

If you haven’t tried Google Keep, it is a free app (and is available on the web at designed for lightweight note taking and editing.  Keep isn’t going to give you the flexibility of apps such as Evernote or OneNote, but if you need a quick note taking app that leverages cloud storage, it’s one to consider.

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