Google Duo Finally Adds Multi-Device Support

After weeks of rumors that the feature would be coming, Google Duo has finally added the ability to use the video chat app across multiple devices.  The new feature is a combination of an app update as well as a cloud-side update from Google to enable it.

First, you need to make sure you have the latest version of the app.  That was released yesterday and is build 36.1.202022753.DR36_RC15 for those keeping score at home and who like playing Google Version BINGO!  Once you have this version, you will shortly thereafter get a cloud-side push from Google.  You will know that you have received that Google update when you are prompted in Duo if you want to use your Gmail address instead of your phone number to sign into Google Duo.  That is key because that’s how multi-device support works in the app.

Accepting that you want to use your Gmail address will then let you sign into Duo on other devices.  It is a simple but powerful feature and on that Duo has desperately needed if Google has any hopes of the video chat app taking a footing in the hearts and minds of Android users.

Functionally, there isn’t anything new in this update to Duo beyond this new ability to sign in with your Gmail account.  Google does list in the release notes that there is a smattering of bug fixes and other performance improvements but did not outline exactly what those improvements were in the update.

If you haven’t tried Google Duo and want to give it a go, it is a free download in the Play Store.  Like other video messaging apps, the person you want to chat with will need to have the app installed on their device and there is a version of Duo for iOS users too.


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