Android P Expected to be Released on August 20th

It looks like we don’t have much longer to wait for Android P.  August 20th appears to be the day and we have, once again, Evan Blass to thank for the news.  He posted on Twitter this morning a somewhat cryptic calendar with a bright green “P” on August 20th.

Given that it is pretty much a given that Android P will launch in August, it wasn’t super hard to figure out what was meant by the post.

Historically, August 20th fits the trend of the past few releases of Android.  Android Oreo was released August 21, 2017 and Android Nougat was released on August 22, 2016.  It also fits well with the overall schedule that Google set for the release back when it was first rolled out to developers.

Of course, the big surprise with this release of Android remains:  What will it be named?  The odds-on favorite seems to be Pistachio Ice Cream but really it is just a guessing game until the actual release date.  The Pistachio name got a lot of support after a Huawei support tech referenced it in a support case with a customer.

Finally, as a reminder for those who are new to Android, if the August 20th release date stands, it will only be released for the lineup of Pixel devices initially while those companies with phones in the Android Beta Program like Essential and OnePlus (with the OnePlus 6) will likely see it shortly thereafter.  Others will have to wait potentially many months to get it.


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