Developer Preview 3 for Android P Released

Android P Developer Preview 2 - May 2018

As expected based on the timelines provided by Google, Developer Preview 3 of Android P has been released for those in the Android Beta Program.  The release of this second public beta is an important milestone for the next version of Android as it finalizes the API set for the build so developers can begin in earnest testing and updating their apps to be compatible with them.

There are not a significant number of changes between the first beta build and this one overall.  Most of the updates are fixes behind the scenes as well as updating some security permissions, particularly how the phone call log is accessed.  There are also 157 new emoji in this build.

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Android Beta Program Now Receiving Oreo 8.1 Production Build

System Updates in Android Oreo

With the beta program now completed, members of the Android Beta Program are now starting to receive the production build of Oreo 8.1.  Google released this final build yesterday and those with with Pixel devices and Nexus devices that were in the program should start seeing the OTA update to the production build over the next few days.

The update is very small, just over 40MB, reflecting the fact that the second and final beta of Oreo 8.1 was all-but complete.  That small of an update means very few bugs were found to be fixed.

If you are new to the Android Beta Program, there is nothing special you need to do.  The OTA will download to your phone just like any other update from Google.  It is just a matter of when it gets to your account.

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