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Review of EasyAcc PowerBank

In our battery driven consumer world, making sure you have enough battery on your mobile device is key to getting through the day. Sometimes however that is a bit tricky depending on how busy the day has been for you. To meet that need, many companies have developed battery packs that you can plug your phone into so you can recharge without having to dive for that one electrical plug in the airport terminal. Some of these battery packs are nice and aesthetically pleasing while others are… well less so.

When I was contacted by EasyAcc about their PowerBank and they sent me a review unit, I knew that power wise it was going to be fine. What surprised me was the sleek design. This device does not look like a lump of battery sitting next to you at the airport. It’s rounded corners, plastic shell and color band around it make it look really sharp while still maintaining functionality. After all, the point of the PowerBank is to charge my Nexus 6 and Nexus 7 while I’m on-the-go. To that end, it performed flawlessly.

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