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Latest Rumor Suggests The Google Pixel 3 Lineup to be Built by Foxconn

Summer is almost here and that means that it is rumor season for the next generation of Pixel phones from Google.  The Google Pixel 3 lineup is likely a few months away from being announced but already we are starting to get loads of rumors as to what the phones will look like and now, who will be building them.

Roland Quandt of WinFuture and MobileGeekDE took to Twitter today with a rumor that both the phones in flight for release later this year are to be built by Foxconn.

If the rumor is true, this would be a significant shift for Google by cutting out a manufacturing partner and having the phones built directly by Foxconn for themselves.

Rumors Suggest That Three Pixel Watch Options Will Be Coming Later This Year

Now that Google I/O has wrapped up for 2018, Android and Google fans are starting to turn their attention to the next hardware event for the Mountain View company.  Rumors are already starting to fly about the upcoming Google Pixel 3 phone series but a new rumor yesterday suggests that we could finally see a Pixel Watch in the mix too.

Wear OS by Google has, much like Android, needed a hero device to show the ultimate experience of what the platform can bring.  It is something I wrote about shortly after the name change from Android Wear and it looks like that could be happening.

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