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Google Play Books Night Light Mode Eases Eye Strain

I read a lot, especially at night, on my Nexus 7 tablet, so eye strain and fatigue is always a concern for me.  I’ve found ways around this to a large extent by enabling sepia tone mode in Google Play Books but it only goes so far.  Google seems to agree and with the latest update to the eBook reader app, they have created a Night Light mode.  Using information based on the amount of sunlight available, the app will gradually change the temperature and brightness based on that information.

When turned on, Night Light gradually filters blue light from your screen, replacing it with a warm, amber light as the sun sets. Night Light automatically adapts to the amount of natural sunlight outside based on the time of day, giving you just the right temperature and brightness. The color adjustment is more comfortable on your eyes and greatly improves low-light night reading.

Essentially, if you have been using the Sepia mode like I have in Google Play Books, this is an automatic version of making this change plus it adjusts the brightness.  It is a bit genius.

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Harry Potter Finally In The Google Play Store

Harry Potter fans, rejoice.  For the first time and some would say a bit too long, the entire book series and movies from the popular series are now available from Google.  You can pick up any of the 7 books for $8.99 each while the 8 movies for as low as $9.99.  All of the motion picture sound tracks are available too so you can complete that collection too.

There have been a few books, movies and shows missing from Google and certainly the J.K. Rowling wizard adventure series has been one of them.  With the books at a reasonable price of $9, you won’t break the bank (nor will your kids) getting all of them and with all of them available before the holidays, they make a great gift too.

Harry Potter in the Google Play Store

Google Play Books Update Continues Comics Support

Earlier this month Google released a significant update to Google Play Books that greatly improved the comic book reading experience within the eBook reading app.  Basically that update brought a much improved reading of comics that allows you in landscape mode to quickly and easily move between panels and follow the story line.  Today another update has come out for the app that further improves the user experience when reading comics, especially when you are moving between books in a series.

The update to Google Play Books is build 3.7.23 for those keeping score at home and is now in the Google Play Store.  If you have the app already installed on your device, you should see the OTA update in the next day or so.  If you are a reader of comics then you should certainly get this update installed quickly.

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Google Play Books Update Brings Improved Comic Book Reading

Comic books are not just a kid thing anymore and with more people reading them on their mobile devices, the need for a good reader quickly becomes important. To that end, Google has released an updated version of Google Play Books that is specifically aimed at making comic book reading easier.

Today, Google Play Books is getting an upgrade specifically designed for comic book fans, making it easier to read your favorite comics on your phone or tablet. Reading a comic book is all about following the story and enjoying the art, dialogue and pace the way you want.

It is a big step forward for the reading app and those of us who like reading comics will certainly see the benefits of immediately as it is a much, much better reading experience.

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