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Battery Replacements for All Eligible iPhone Models Now in Stock

An internal memo at Apple has indicated that battery replacements for all eligible devices for the replacement program are now in stock and readily available.  This means that if you are wanting to get your battery replaced in your iPhone, it should be something that can be done when you make a Genius appointment.

When Apple announced (or let it slip) that they were throttling iPhones with older batteries, the outrage was pretty quick and loud.  In response, Apple began offering discounted battery replacements to customers who had batteries that were bumping into the throttling software inside of iOS 11.  Normally that battery replacement is $79 but through the rest of this year, it is $29.

All Indicators Point to a Revamped iPhone SE in May

The 4″ iPhone SE, based on the chassis of the iPhone 4 and 5 series, looks to be getting a significant update as soon as early as next month.  The news is exciting for those who love the compact iPhone SE as it hasn’t been updated since 2016.  While there is as much rumor as anything around the 2nd generation SE, it does look like a few things seem to be pretty solid.

First, spec-wise, it looks like the new SE is going to be powered by the Apple A10 SoC.  That is the generation found in the iPhone 7 series and a significant bump up in speed, performance and power consumption over the current SE’s A9 SoC.  It also looks like that the 3.5mm headphone jack is going to go the way of the Dodo.  Instead, it will have the same headphones that were introduced with the iPhone 7 series which connect via the lightening connector.

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