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Download The Stock Wallpapers From The Nokia 7 Plus

The Nokia 7 Plus was announced last month at Mobile World Congress and it is just now starting to roll out to various markets globally.  While the phone likely won’t be coming to the United States, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the wallpapers from the phone.

In all, there are 11 wallpapers that come with the new 7 Plus, all are 2560 x2560 so they will work on just about any phone out there and more than a few laptops too.  As I normally do with wallpaper posts, I have added all of the wallpapers to the Wallpaper page here on the site as well as to this post after the break.

Nokia The Most Talked About Brand on Opening Night at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress last week was a fantastic event for Nokia.  Not only did they announce five new phones, but according to Twitter Marketing UK, they were the most talked about brand on the first full night of the event.  Everyone assumed that Samsung would take this honor, especially given they launched their new flagship phones, the Galaxy S9 and S9+, the night prior.  But Nokia stole the limelight for a few reasons.

First, Nokia is a brand that people know and love.  Sure, you can same the same thing about Samsung today but chances are, most of you reading this post, started life with a Nokia device or have had one at some point in your mobile life.  That is not necessarily the case with Samsung.

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