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Microsoft Update Outlook for Android with Improved Agenda Widget

Microsoft continues to improve their apps for Android and the latest update to Outlook for Android is a case-in-point.  The latest update brings with it a much improved Agenda Widget which you can install on a page on your Android phone to give a quick glance at your upcoming events.  This update, version 1.2.9 for those keeping score at home, also brings performance improvements and bug fixes to the email, calendar and contact app.

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Microsoft Updates Outlook for Android With Improved Email Composition Tools

Microsoft has released a big update to Outlook for Android, bringing substantially improved email composition capability to the app.  The update, version 1.2.8 for those keeping score at home, also bring improved performance and other minor update to give a better user experience with the app.  The biggest edition though is the improved email composition where you can now attach files and send users your availability or create an invitation from the app while in email.  These updates will make the app far easier to use especially those who use corporate Exchange accounts.

Outlook for Android – Free – Download Now

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