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YouTube Gaming for Android Gets A Big Update

YouTube Gaming, the gaming social platform-meets-apps launched last year, has been updated for Android and with the update comes a lot of improvements and changes.  The update is hitting the Google Play Store now and if you have the app installed, you should have the update coming to you over the course of the next couple of days.

YouTube Gaming Update Adds Live Screencasting

YouTube Gaming for Android devices has been updated and while the update is a “.1” release, the feature set really makes it worthy of being a 2.0 version.  Nevertheless, the new build for those keeping score at home, brings a huge number of updates to the broadcasting gaming platform.  The biggest news in this update is the support for live streaming of your mobile games from your Android devices.  If you are running a device with Android Lollipop or Android Marshmallow, you can now live stream or record your mobile games.  You host your stream with your device’s front facing camera and the app leverages your device’s microphone for audio.  Essentially this allows you to more easily share mobile games than ever before or frankly from any other game streaming platform.

YouTube Gaming – Free – Download Now

YouTube Launches YouTube Gaming

As the growth of online gaming has grown, so has the way people learn and consume gameplay.  Twitch has taken off over the past 18 months and now Google is getting into the gameplay watching fray.  Today they launched YouTube Gaming, an app and web portal dedicated to streaming video, videos and live chats to help gamers with over 25,000 different game titles.  YouTube Gaming has a dedicated page for every game, making finding content much easier as you look to watch or chat about a particular game.  The app and the service are both free and it leverages the power of YouTube.

YouTube Gaming for Android – Free – Download Now

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