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Google Daydream Update Brings Controller Performance Improvements

There is a new update to Google Daydream that brings a wealth of updates and improvements.  The new build is version 1.7 for those keeping score at home and it is rolling out in the Play Store now.  If you have a Google Pixel device or a Huawei Mate 9, you’ll want to pick up this update once it comes to you via an OTA update.

Overall, Daydream Home in the app has been redesigned to give you quick access to content and experiences.  It doesn’t look much different than the previous build but there is much more content in the top carousel than in the previous release.

Google Announces Daydream VR Headset

Google today announced their new Daydream VR headset.  The $79 headset will be available in November and comes in three, soft fabric color options.  The headset is specifically designed to work with devices that have Google Daydream enabled such as the new Google Pixel lineup.  Google indicates that other Daydream enabled phones are on the way which will work with the headset.

Google designed the headset in software fabrics instead of hard plastics for a more comfortable fit.  They also designed it to work around eyeglasses to give more comfort.  The headset also comes with a controller that has a gyroscope built into it which allows you to point, click and interact within VR environments.

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