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Google Announces The First Beta of Their New Cross Platform Mobile SDK Flutter

Today at Mobile World Congress, Google introduced Flutter, their new cross platform mobile SDK.  The new development tool will allow for developers to create native UI frameworks for both Android and iOS that are native to each platform.

The beauty of Flutter is that it comes packing its own rendering engine and framework which, in essence, bypasses the native UI frameworks in both platforms.  This is not something new for developers, especially game developers who have used different rendering engines.  This allows for significant performance increases (particularly on Android).  When you compile the app with the available Android and iOS SDKs, you get the appropriate app & framework for the respective platform.

Actions for Google Assistant Adds New Languages and Android App Integration Improvements

Today at Mobile World Congress, Google has announced the expansion of the languages supported by Actions for Google Assistant, the SDK that allows developers to leverage Assistant in their apps and solutions.  The new languages, which go live today, include:

  • Hindi
  • Thai
  • Indonesian
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Dutch

These languages join English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian which are already supported.  The new languages are fully supported in development tools too, like DialogFlow and, of course, the Actions SDK itself.

Fifth Chrome 65 Build Lands on The Chrome OS Dev Channel

Another week, another Chrome 65 build in the Chrome OS Dev Channel.  For the third consecutive week, a new build has landed in what equates to the alpha channel of the platform, bringing more stability and bug fixes to it.  The new version is build 65.0.3325.65 (Platform version: 10323.30.0) for those keeping score at home.

The update doesn’t bring any new features into play but rather refines what is already there and brings other stability improvements to the platform.  As previously written, the Dev channel is essentially the alpha channel.  This can be a really rough experience with lots of weird behavior and bugs.  It is aimed at developers and those who like serious bug hunting to see what is coming up in the platform.  It is not ready for prime time in other words.

Fourth Chrome 65 Build Lands in The Chrome OS Dev Channel

The fourth build of Chrome 65 has landed in the Chrome OS Dev Channel today.  Build 65.0.3325.56 (Platform version: 10323.21.0) is the first updated build since the end of January and it is available for systems that are in the Dev Channel.

For those that aren’t familiar with the different Chrome OS channels, the Dev channel is essentially the alpha channel.  This can be a really rough experience with lots of weird behavior and bugs.  It is aimed at developers and those who like serious bug hunting to see what is coming up in the platform.  This channel is not recommended for daily use on your daily driver Chromebook.

Third Chrome 65 Build Hits the Chrome OS Dev Channel

For the third time this month, the Dev Channel for Chrome OS is receiving a Chrome 65 based build update.  The new update is build 65.0.3325.35 (Platform version: 10323.9.0) for those keeping score at home and is bug and stability update.  The channel was updated back on January 19 for the first build of Chrome 65 then followed up on January 24 with a second build.

As mentioned in previous posts about the Dev Channel, it is best to consider it the alpha build channel and it is by no means aimed to be run in production.  It is purely for developers and testers so they can begin working on updates to their apps & extensions to be compatible with the new build.  I do not recommend everyday users of Chrome OS to move to this channel unless you are into bug hunting and like having crash issues. 🙂

Google Home Actions API Opening To Developers Next Month

Having had a Google Home in my house for most of this week, there are some things that need improvement (I’ll cover that in more detail in my review coming up next week).  One of those areas is app integration.  There are just a handful of apps that work with the help of Google Assistant and Google Home.  For it to be successful, this has to change and it likely will starting next month.  Google has announced that the Google Assistant Actions API will be opening up to developers starting next month.  That means developers will be able to enhance their apps to work with Assistant and, in turn, Home, through three different action models.  First, there is the Direct Actions.  This is designed for straightforward requests for things like home automation, etc.  As the name suggests, it is something you direct your app to do as it interacts with Assistant.

Read on for more details

Google Wins Case Brought On By Oracle Over Android APIs

In a case that had far reaching implications for Google, Oracle and developers, a jury in San Francisco has ruled in favor of Google over a claim from Oracle and the use of Java APIs in Android.  At the heart of the case were 37 APIs which Google, at the behest of Oracle back in the day, used in the development of Android.  Google argued successfully that the APIs fell under fair use and were not subject to licensing or patent infringement.  While it was never fully disclosed how much Oracle was seeking in damages, it has been suggested it would have been upwards of $9 billion.

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