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Google Sheets App Updated With Improved Image Support

Google Sheets, the spreadsheet app in the Google Apps for Work suite, has been updated with a long missing and much wanted feature:  Image support.  With this update, users will be able to view images and drawings with the Sheets app and not have to revert to the desktop version of the app to view them.  It is a nice addition for sure and closes the feature parity gap between the desktop and mobile versions of the app.  The update is rolling out now to the Google Play Store and given that this update also impacts the iOS version, the update is rolling out in the iTunes App Store too.

PSA – EMail Hack Shows Once Again Why You Need To Use 2-Factor Authentication

The news from Reuters today outlining a massive email hack that has impacted some 270 million accounts globally, including some Gmail accounts, serves as another reminder to be safe out there and to use 2-Factor authentication.  Yes it is a pain and yes it sucks that we have to do these kinds of things, but it is a great way to keep your Google account and any other for that matter more safe and secure.  In fact, I would go as far as to suggest that if a service you use doesn’t offer 2-Factor authentication, you may need to rethink if you really need that service.

Google Releases The Google I/O 2016 App

For those who are attending Google I/O 2016 in person or remotely, the official app for the developer event is now in the Google Play Store.  The app gives you the ability to see all of the sessions that are available and setup your schedule of those that you want to attend.  Even better, if you aren’t one of the lucky attendees in person, you can live stream the events remotely and can add those events to your Google calendar so you can tune in.

Oh, and a lot of those are going to be in VR. 🙂

Google Ending Support For Old Versions of Google Drive for PC and Mac

If you are a user of the Google Drive app on your PC or Mac, make sure you are up-to-date.  Google has announced that starting July 1st, support for versions 1.22 and older will end.  Version 1.22 is over a year old so the cut back on support for it and older versions makes sense and falls in line with what the company has done on older version of other apps.  For reference, the latest version of the Drive sync app for PC is build 1.29.2074.1528.   To see what version you are running, open up the sync app, click on the menu (3 vertical dots) and then click about.  If you need to update, just go to your Drive folder online and in the lower left corner click on the Download for PC or Mac button.

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