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12 Month Xbox Music Pass – $29.90 Today at Microsoft Stores

Today is the final day of the Microsoft 12 Days of Deals promotion and Redmond has decided to go out with a bang.  Today you can get a 12 month Xbox Music Pass for only $29.90 in store.  That is a $70 savings off the normal price of $99.90.  Even if you don’t live near a Microsoft retail location, you can still save big online as the Xbox Music Pass at the online store is $49.90, a savings of $50. The online promotion starts at 8:00 AM EST while the in store pricing will be in effect as soon as your local Microsoft store opens and while supplies last.

Xbox Music Pass – $49.90 Online – Microsoft Store

How To Take A Screen Shot On a Windows Tablet

Capturing a screen capture on your Windows PC is done by a key combination on your keyboard while on a Windows Phone it is done via a key combination on the device.  But what about a Windows tablet?  Actually it is pretty easy to do but it is one of those things that isn’t document very well and it could be easily missed.  In this How To I’ll show you how to do a screen capture on your Windows tablet and will show you where those files are stored so you can edit them or move them to another folder including OneDrive.

The first question though is why do you need a key combination and not use the keyboard combination like you do on a Windows PC?  Well, it’s pretty straightforward actually.  To capture a screen shot on your Windows PC you press Windows Key + PrtScn. No go take a look at the keyboard on your Windows Tablet… ah!  No PrtScn button!  There you go.  That’s why Microsoft had to come up with a solution for Windows tablets other than a keyboard combination.

Lumia Denim Begins Rolling Out in Europe

Lumia Denim, the next major version of Windows Phone, is starting to roll out to Lumia devices in some European countries. The news of the rollout is welcome as Microsoft had stated they would begin pushing out the release before the end of 2014 and come on the back of their release of an update video on their YouTube channel yesterday.

Microsoft Releases Lumia Denim Update Video as Release Draws Near

With the release expected any day now, Microsoft has released a video on their YouTube channel on how the updating process for your Windows Phone to Lumia Denim.  The video is about 3 minutes long and covers all of the new features of the next firmware update which is pretty extensive.  You can read my guide on Lumia Denim to get the full briefing of what is coming.


YouTube Preview Image

4GB Xbox 360 Plus A Free Game of Your Choice – $149.99 At Microsoft Stores

Today’s 12 Days of Deals promotion at Microsoft is another great, budget friendly offer.  Today you can get an Xb0x 360 4GB console with 2 free games in store or 1 free game online for an incredible $149.99.  These will go quick! That is $30 off the regular price of the Xbox 360 plus the $49.99 game value makes it a great deal.

Xbox 360 4GB Console with 1 Free Game ($49.99 value) – Microsoft Store

Lumia Storyteller App for Windows Phone Gets A Major Update

The Lumia Storyteller app for Windows Phone has had a major update released today, bringing a completely new user experience to the photo viewing app.  The new 4.0 version is available now in the Windows Phone store and brings a more Photos hub-like experience to users.  If you aren’t familiar with the Lumia Storyteller app, it automatically groups your photos on your Lumia Windows Phone into stories where you can then share them online, add captions to photos and rearrange the groupings as you see fit.  It is an app exclusively for Lumia users and it is free to download.

Lumia Storyteller – Free (Lumia devices only) – Windows Phone Store

Sprint To Carry The Lumia 635 Starting Next Week

This is big news Windows Phone fans as Sprint has just announced they will once again be carrying Windows Phone as part of their device line up.  Starting December 23, next Tuesday, Sprint will offer the Lumia 635 on their Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile networks and for Sprint customers they will have it as part of their pre-paid program starting January 16.

The Lumia 635 will be offered on all three of the networks as a no contract option but will be eligible for their unlimited talk, voice and data programs.

The announcement means that all four of the major US mobile carriers – AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint – are carrying at least one Windows Phone device.  AT&T and T-Mobile have been the two that have been furthest ahead when it comes to support for the platform while Verizon has still yet to release the Lumia Cyan update for the Lumia Icon.  Hopefully Sprint will add some fuel to the Windows Phone fire in the United States as there is now, literally, no limit on any carrier.

Gestures Beta for Windows Phone Brings Touchless Control to Calls

Today Microsoft released a new Gestures beta for Windows Phone.  The app allows you to control phone calls – both incoming and those in progress – without ever touching the screen of your Windows Phone.  Sounds cool eh?  It actually is very cool and is something that was actually around back in the Windows Mobile 6 days.

Gestures Beta for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Lumia 1520 Now $99 with 2-Year Contract on AT&T

While this years Christmas season sales focus from Microsoft has been on the mid-to-low end of the market, that doesn’t mean that some great deals can’t be found on the high end devices as well.  The best deal by far remains on the Lumia 635 at only $99 without a contract but if you want to get the flagship Lumia 1520, you can do it for $99 as well on a 2-year contract.  If you don’t want to do the contract, no problem.  You can get it outright for $526, down from the $589 price before the holidays.

Lumia 1520 with AT&T – $99 with 2-Year contract – Buy Now from the Microsoft Store

ASUS Transformer Book Flip – $299 Today Only at Microsoft Stores

Today’s deal in the 12 Days of Deals promotion from Microsoft is a great one once again but this time the deal is the same no matter if you buy online or at your local Microsoft Store.  Today you can get the ASUS Transformer Book Flip for an amazing $299.  That is $200 off the regular price.  The Book Flip is a great budget laptop 15.6″ touchscreen laptop powered by Windows 8.1.

ASUS Transformer Book Flip – $299 – Microsoft Store Online