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Microsoft Updates Extras +Info Windows Phone app

Microsoft has just released a new update to the Extras+Info for Windows Phone app.  The new update, version 3.14.16 for those keeping score at home, brings… well, actually I have absolutely no clue what this release brings because there are absolutely no release notes.  :-)  So what was changed, what was fixed or what was added is a mystery to everyone in the world other than those at Microsoft.  There is of course the generic “general fixes and improvements” noted so my guess is that this is a bug fix for the app on certain devices.

It could also be that this is an interim release of the Extras+Info app before the release of the Windows 10 for Phone preview which is expected in February.

Extras+Info for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Lumia Denim Rolling Out on Some Carriers – But Slow in North America

Lumia Denim has started making its way to devices locked to carriers in South American and the United Kingdom, starting what hopefully will be a rapid release on other carriers globally.  As you may remember, Lumia Denim was released back in December but it is up to carriers to test and release it for specific devices on their network.  Those who have Country Variant version of Windows Phones have already received Lumia Denim by-and-large.

Calendar for Windows Phone Gains Agenda View in Latest Update

The Calendar for Windows Phone app has been updated with several new features.  This is the default calendar app that comes with every Windows Phone but like the Music, Video and other built-in apps, sees an update now-and-again to bring new features or stability.  This update, version 1.0.15087.0 for those keeping score at home, is mainly focused on new features instead of bug fixes and includes an all new Agenda view.

Calendar for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Windows 10 Part 1 – Install and First Impressions

Yesterday I installed Windows 10 to start doing bug hunting and experimenting on what will be the next version of Windows for every device.  As I posted yesterday, Windows 10 is certainly in beta and shouldn’t be installed on your production (day-to-day) PC unless you are willing to put up with odd behavior and bugs here and there.  In my case, I installed it on a PC I do not use every day so it can be my test bed.  This post will be the first in a series that outline the updating and development of Windows 10 until it is released later this year.  For this first part, I’ll cover the installation process and my first impressions.

As a reminder, for those who want to try Windows 10 out yourself, you can do so by joining the Windows Insider program.  It is free to join but the expectation is you will test and help report bugs.  Also note that for you Windows Phone users, Windows 10 for Phone will not be available until February.  Right now it is only for PCs and tablets.

Remember: Windows 10 is Still in Beta

Last week Microsoft gave everyone a surprise by releasing Windows 10 to the Windows Insider community.  With hundreds of thousands in the program (and you can join for free too), there are a significant number of peeps running the next version of Windows on their PC or tablet.  Just a reminder to everyone:  This is a beta.  While every indication is that Windows 10 right now is more stable than any previous beta, you can certainly expect there to be issues and challenges if you load it onto your PC or tablet.  That’s the nature of the beast so if you aren’t prepared to live with that, don’t upgrade until it is available for free to everyone later this year.

OneDrive for Windows Phone Gets A Minor Update

Microsoft has released a small update to their OneDrive for Windows Phone app.  The update, version 4.6 for those keeping score at home, is essentially nothing more than a bug fix release so don’t look for any new features in the update if you believe the release notes.  According to the release notes, there are two things that are addressed in this update:

  • Visual updates to the file properties page
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

But there is something new in this update and the file properties changes are actually really nice.

OneDrive for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Office For Windows 10 is Touch Friendly and Beautiful

As part of the massive Windows 10 event today, Microsoft showed off for the first time Office for Windows 10, a completely universal and touch friendly version of Office that will be coming to your smartphone, tablet and PC.  It means that the Office experience, no matter which device you are using, will be the same, touch friendly and equally powerful.  Finally!

Microsoft Makes A Strong Commitment to Mobile with Windows 10

If there were any doubts in your mind about Microsoft’s commitment to the mobile space, today’s Windows 10 event should have but those to rest.  Not only did we get some insights into what Windows 10 will look like and now it will function on a smartphone, we also got a commitment to a new flagship Windows phone in 2015.

Windows Moves to A Service With Windows 10

The magnitude of everything Microsoft announced today at the Windows 10 is hard to capture in one post.  So I’m not going to even try.  But there is one thing that stuck out almost immediately in the event.  Windows is no longer just a Operating System.  It is a Service.  And as a service, the scope and depth of the platform took on new meaning for developers, enterprises and customers alike.  This is a huge turn for Microsoft as a company.

What To Expect at The Microsoft Windows 10 Media Event

Editor’s Note:  This post will remain at the top of until after the Windows 10 event on Wednesday. Please see newer posts and news just below it on the front page.

As I write this we are less than 48 hours from what arguably is one of the biggest events for Microsoft in many years.  I’ve compared the excitement to this event to that of when Windows 95 was being rolled out and I don’t think I’m far off in that statement.  There are a lot of people – Microsoft lovers and haters – who are looking forward to Wednesday, January 21st with anticipation.

I’m certainly one of them.

The main thrust of the event is clearly Windows 10 but there are likely to be a lot more things announced at the event, all of which in some what touch Windows 10 and the drive Microsoft has to be “Mobile First, Cloud First” and “One Windows for Everyone”.  Here is a rundown of what I think we will see on Wednesday at the event when it comes to Windows 10, Windows Mobile and a few other bits-and-bobs.  No matter what, it’s going to be a busy and big day.

As a reminder, you can watch the event live on Microsoft’s Live Stream of the event.