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Microsoft Releases Two New Surface Pro 3 Ads

Microsoft has released two new ads for the Surface Pro 3, both highlighting how the table helps businesses gain efficiencies and productivity.  The ads, which are on the Microsoft YouTube channel, are between 1 and 2 minutes in length and highlight the power and productivity that the tablet brings in two very different business scenarios.

The first video is for Watersports Central.

With Surface Pro 3, Watersports Central is able to provide its customers with a unique premium sales experience. Armed with a Surface Pro 3, sales staff are able to meet customers wherever they are and complete the sales process without ever having to set foot into an office.

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Will Microsoft Get the Smartwatch Right?

This weekend the Windows world was teased with some great headlines that Microsoft will be launching a Smartwatch or fitness device within the coming weeks.  The source of the report is Forbes which has been a reasonably reliable resource when it comes to rumors and leaks around Microsoft.  The article, which you can read here, goes into a little detail about what is expected and rightfully so points to a mixed bag when it comes to Microsoft’s track record when it comes to launching new devices into the market.

Zune?  Anyone?  Anyone?

But this same article points out what could very well be two key features of this rumored device that will set it apart from the current Android lineup of Smartwatches and from the AppleWatch set to debut next year:  Cross-platform support and greater than one day of battery life.

Nokia Refocus Latest App To Be Re-Branded to Lumia Refocus

Microsoft’s continued efforts to rebrand the Nokia lineup of apps has continued with the update yesterday of Nokia Refocus to Lumia Refocus.  The renaming of the apps has been part of the overall process of Microsoft absorbing the Nokia brand and focusing the devices and apps to the Lumia name.  For diehard Nokia fans it is a painful process but is one that undoubtedly will continue.

Lumia Refocus, for those who don’t know, is one of the great photo apps that is available for from Microsoft.  As the name suggest, it allows you to take a photo and have any part of that photo in focus or have the entire photo in focus.  It is also dead simple to use.  Just point your Lumia Windows Phone’s camera a near object and tap the screen.  The app will then capture the entire photo in focus where you can then go in and select what you want in focus.

Lumia Refocus for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Why 1 Million Testers Will Make Windows 10 Awesome

Yesterday, with coverage spanning the Windows centric Interwebs, Joe Belfiore posted on the Blogging Windows site that the Windows 10 Technical Preview had reached 1 million participants.  That is a significant number, especially given we are only two weeks since the announcement of the preview being available.  But it is also important symbolically as Microsoft, seemingly for the first time, is properly asking for feedback on their flagship product.  And even more importantly, they are actually listening to that feedback.

Ultimately that means we all win.

If it is indeed the case that Microsoft is listening to user feedback and shaping Windows 10 around that demand, there is no reason to think that this release will put the company squarely back on the map with consumers and, perhaps more importantly, their enterprise customers.  It is a new and different Microsoft these days and this is another clear indicator of it.

Lumia Creative Studio Update Brings Back Color Pop

Microsoft has released an update to the Lumia Creative Studio app for Windows Phone, brining back the popular Color Pop feature along with a few other enhancements that make this a pretty powerful photo editor.  The new version, 6.3 for those keeping score, is in the Windows Phone Store now and, as with the other Lumia apps, is free to download to your Windows Phone.

Lumia Creative Studio for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now