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Microsoft Update Outlook for Android with Improved Agenda Widget

Microsoft continues to improve their apps for Android and the latest update to Outlook for Android is a case-in-point.  The latest update brings with it a much improved Agenda Widget which you can install on a page on your Android phone to give a quick glance at your upcoming events.  This update, version 1.2.9 for those keeping score at home, also brings performance improvements and bug fixes to the email, calendar and contact app.

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A Quick Look at Word for Android Phone

Earlier today I posted that Microsoft had released a preview of their Office apps for Android Phone today. The new Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps are stand alone individual apps that are far superior to the old Office Mobile and are in line with the path that the company is making for Office across all device platforms. I’ve spent a fair amount of time today with each of them and wanted to provide some quick feedback on them to everyone who is on the fence about downloading them. First I’m going to take a look at Word for Android Phone and I’ll post similar quick looks for Excel and PowerPoint later on in the week.

Word for Android Phone is really impressive and if you have used it on your Android tablet you are going to find the experience very similar – exactly what Microsoft is trying to achieve.  Within the app you can create and edit documents on devices with screens 10.1″ or smaller but to get all the benefits of it, you really need an Office 365 account.  An Office 365 Personal account is $69.99 and available from the Microsoft Store or you can go with Office 365 Home where you can install the Office apps on up to 5 PCs or Macs along with mobile devices.

Microsoft Releases Office for Android Phone Preview – Here is How To Get It

Earlier today, Microsoft released the preview for Office for Android phone apps.  The separate Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps are now individual apps and brings in line while the company is doing around the Office apps across all platforms – Windows Phone, Android and iOS.  The goal of course is to have a consistent user experience regardless of the device that you are using.  Today, if you use Office for Android tablet, it is a far different (and superior) experience to the Office Mobile app on Android Phone.  That now has changed with this preview.

To get the Office for Android phone apps, you will have to join the preview program.  After the break I’ve outlined what you need to do in order to get into the program and to download the apps.  Once they are installed, you will be able to update them via the normal update process in the Google Play Store.

Microsoft To Control Windows 10 Mobile Updates, Not The Carriers

One of the biggest and best pieces of news for Windows 10 Mobile came out at the end of last week and the implications are huge.  Microsoft stated in an article on ZDNet that they will be controlling all update to Windows 10 including those of Windows 10 Mobile.  This not only includes businesses running Windows 10 Mobile but consumers like you and me.  This is fantastic news as it takes the carriers out of the equation which, in theory, means that we should see updates to Windows 10 Mobile far faster than we ever have under Windows Phone 7, 8, or 8.1.

I wrote about this very subject back in February where I outlined how Microsoft could bypass the carriers on updates to Windows 10 Mobile via a Windows Insider style mechanism.  While in the article from Mr. Bott clearly states that carriers will still be in the mix, it will be at a far lower level and Microsoft ultimately is the one that determines when the upgrade button is pushed on devices.

Windows 10 Editions Announced

Microsoft has announced on the Windows Blog the editions of Windows 10 that will be available later this year and unfortunately, it is as confusing as ever.  While Microsoft has made it clear that Windows 10 will be on every device – Phone, Tablet, PC and even Xbox – they have broken it down into multiple editions with different feature sets.  This is the same thing they have done since the Windows XP days and while I get it, it creates unnecessary confusion for consumers.

The biggest news is probably the fact that Windows 10 on phones will be known as Windows 10 Mobile.  There has been a lot of debate on what Microsoft would call the phone edition but it seems now it is locked into this name.  And to add to the fun, there is a Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise.  Oi….

Microsoft Updates Outlook for Android With Improved Email Composition Tools

Microsoft has released a big update to Outlook for Android, bringing substantially improved email composition capability to the app.  The update, version 1.2.8 for those keeping score at home, also bring improved performance and other minor update to give a better user experience with the app.  The biggest edition though is the improved email composition where you can now attach files and send users your availability or create an invitation from the app while in email.  These updates will make the app far easier to use especially those who use corporate Exchange accounts.

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Lumia 640 Coming to Cricket Wireless on Friday May 15

The Lumia 640 is making its way to Cricket Wireless this Friday, May 15th for those in the United States.  Announced at Mobile World Congress in February, the Lumia 640 is one of two devices launched at the event (the larger Lumia 640 XL being the other) and Cricket becomes the second US carrier behind T-Mobile to announce they will be selling the 5″ Windows Phone.  Currently only AT&T will carry the Lumia 640 XL in the US.

The news is good for those who are wanting to pick up the 640 as Microsoft has been clear that it along with the 640 XL will be amongst the first phones to receive Windows 10 for Phones when it is available later this year.

Microsoft Updates Outlook for Android with Improved Navigation

Microsoft has released another update to Outlook for Android today, bringing improved navigation and several bug fixes to the app.  The update, version 1.2.5 for those keeping score at home, is available now and is highly recommended for those who are using the email app.  While the improve navigation elements actually were release last week in version 1.2, they have been smoothed out a good bit in this update.  You shouldn’t see the hesitation many users were experiencing when moving between accounts or from mail to calendar or people for example.

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Microsoft Updates Office for Android Tablet Apps to Support Lollipop

Today Microsoft has released a new update to their suite of Office for Android apps.  The update applies to the tablet versions of these apps (remember, you have to use Office Mobile for your sub-7″ devices) and impacts Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  There are a lot of things that have been improved but the biggest news is support for Android Lollipop 5.x, the latest flavor of Android.  The updates are version 16.0.3930.1010 for those keeping score at home and that version number applies to all three apps.

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Microsoft Updates The Office for Windows 10 Preview Apps

Microsoft has released an update to the various Office for Windows 10 apps today as they prepare the preview apps for wider distribution.  Word, Excel and PowerPoint all have received updated this morning, mostly focused on bug fixes and performance improvements.  If you are running the Office for Windows 10 preview app then you should go to the Windows Store beta in Windows 10 and get the updates.

The updates come with it widely expected that the next release of Windows 10 for Phone this week to contain the preview apps.  The last update to the Technical Preview not only did not have the new Office for Windows 10 apps but it actually killed off the existing Office hub for Windows Phone.  Hopefully that gets sorted this week.