Microsoft Renames Nokia Collection in Windows Phone Store App

One of the last remaining Nokia branded elements of Windows Phone is quickly disappearing.  The Nokia Collection in the Windows Phone store is being renamed to the Lumia Collection and the rollout of this update is already happening for many Lumia users.  It all-but eliminates the Nokia name from Windows Phone as Microsoft pushes forth with the Lumia name on their Windows powered phones.

There is nothing that you as an end user need to do on this update.  It will simply be pushed down to your device when you open up the Windows Phone store app.  Not everyone is seeing it yet – I haven’t here in the UK yet – but it will likely be coming in the next few hours or days at most.

For those not familiar with it, the Nokia Collection was a set of apps that were exclusively for Lumia devices, much like HTC and Samsung have done on their devices.

The change shouldn’t come as a surprise as I’ve reported several times on the branding exercise that Microsoft has gone through to remove the Nokia name and replace it with Lumia.  All of the old Nokia apps in the Windows Phone Store are now rebranded Lumia and it is only fitting that the Lumia Collection be the place for them to be quickly found.

Indeed when it comes to Windows powered phones from Microsoft, seemingly the only Nokia element left is the name when you boot up the device.  I would not be surprised if we see that go away by the time Windows Phone 8.1.1 roles out to the general public.

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