Angry Birds 2 Coming July 30th

With over 3 billion downloads and a host of theme and mini-sequel games, Angry Birds is arguably one of the most popular download ever for mobile devices let alone a game.  Now Rovio Entertainment, the company behind the franchise has announced “the mother of all sequels”, Angry Birds 2.  The announcement came on the company’s blog and while few details were given on how the game will play, Angry Birds 2 will be released on July 30th.  That’s right peeps, a mere 14 days from now.  Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I have an Angry Birds addiction problem.  Angry Birds 2 will keep that addiction going, I’m confident.

Beyond this tease from Rovio, there is very little known about Angry Birds 2.  In fact the dedicated site for the game is essentially just a countdown clock at the moment.  The blog post did tease however that hints of what the game will be like and the story behind it will be slowly revealed leading up to the July 30th launch date.  Equally what is unclear is if the release will be a joint release on iOS and Android or just on of these platforms.  Looking at the developer’s history, you can probably expect both but it isn’t 100% sure right now.

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 Coming July 30th

What we do know for sure is that there will be the full array of birds that you can use to fight the green little piggies.  That’s good enough for me.


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